Keep Kid’s Active Over The Summer

Don't let kids waste summer break parked in front of the TV. Instead, get them to exercise.

The American Council on Exercise suggests these fun summer activities:

  • Encourage kids to play sports such as soccer, basketball, skateboarding or surfing.
  • Sign your child up for a martial arts class to build strength, coordination and mental stamina.
  • Let your kids splash and swim all summer long in a pool or at the beach. Sign them up for swim lessons if necessary.
  • At the park or in the backyard, set up an obstacle course packed with different challenges.
  • Turn up the music and get your kids dancing.

Dr. Ferrell's Note: Video games and technology are great.  However, sitting in front of a TV for 5 hours playing a video game is not so great.  Keep your kid's active and moving.  The best way to get your kid to be active is to model it yourself as a parent. If your child sees you being active, they are more likely to be active as well.  You can literally help your child prevent diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes just by being active yourself. Think about that!!

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