25 Day Health Challenge Kick-Off Event!

Event Information

Thursday, January 16, 2014
Lakeway Healthy & Wellness Chiropractic
Cost: $49.00 Indiv./$69.00 Couples

"The further a food is from it's NATURAL STATE, the more toxic it is to your body!"

Are you ready to for a 25 Day Challenge?  No special weight loss pills, no FAD diets, and no excuses.  We have a program that will literally guide you through the next 25 days toward your health goals.  We will teach you the importance of eating more RAW Foods, choosing healthy Proteins and how to eat more Gluten Free.

Dr. Ferrell will also be launching , for the first time ever, the 80-10-10 Plan that was designed by Don Ferrell (his father).  This program has  helped 100's of people lose 10, 50 and even 100 pounds. Simply by following the plan.

If you are ready to get lean, FEEL great, and lose those un-wanted pounds.......

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