Beth W.

I would like everyone to know that Dr. Ferrell gave me back my physical life. I had been in a sledding accident. As a result I had head and neck pain along with dizzy spells. I went untreated for 2 years. After 6 months of treatment these symptons subsided. What I like about Dr. Ferrells' treatment plan is that it includes nutrition and physical fitness. He never claimed to heal me,but he helped my body heal itself through chiropratic care,excercise, and nutrition. Thank you Dr. Ferrell!

Patricia B.

I don't normally have any back pain, but when I was pregnant with my first son, Dr. Ferrell recommened that I consider chiropractic care to help prevent any back complications and help improve my chances of a quick recovery after delivery. It was the best advice ever! I felt great during my pregnancy (actually ran two half marathons until I got too huge!) and had a quick recovery after delivering my son. I saw Dr. Ferrell during my second pregnancy and had a similar experience. Now, pregnant with my third, I have to find a new chiropractor. boo! hoo! Miss you Dr. D!

Kay D.

My husband and I both suffered from serious spinal subluxation. My neck hurt and I suffered from headaches, my husband was dealing with his own discomfort. After a few sessions with Dr. Ferrell we were both much feeling better. We are so grateful for Dr. Ferrell's care.

Kyle O.

Dr. Ferrell is awesome! Such a positive influence on life and truly passionate about what he does. He takes time to get to know you, and is genuine. He brings out the best in all of his patients. If you are willing, he will inspire you to do things that you would have never thought possible. Really fortunate I got to know him.

Bert W.

Dr. Ferrell, you are missed here in CO! You were such a blessing to my family and me.

Under Dr. Ferrell’s care, my son, Cade (11yrs old at the time) had his spine manipulated back into place. I was startled and very frightened at how out-of-place it was, but with the treatment plan Dr. Ferrell placed him on; it is now perfect.

There are no words enough to thank you for all of the information, wisdom, and love that you gave your patients. I feel you enlightened us all on healthy eating, on the importance of treatments, and ‘burst’ exercising. You have helped change the way my whole family lives. My children will take that information you provided to us, with them, way into their adulthood. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you for caring and may God bless your new practice in Texas. Your new patients are very blessed to have found you.

Kim O.

Dr. Ferrell is wonderful when it comes to your health...not just your spine, back and neck but your entire physical health, too. Going to him for chiropractic treatment was the best decision. Dr. Ferrell's treatment improved the curvature of my spine and alot of my back, neck, hip and all-around aches and pains in my body went away. I miss his high-energy and caring personality and trust me, you won't go wrong by visiting his practice and becoming a regular patient!

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