Digital X-ray Imaging: A Clear view of your spinal health.

Digital X-ray Imaging  is a diagnostic tool used by Dr. Dustin Ferrell, DC to access and evaluate the health and alignment of your spine.

Digital X-ray Imaging allows for quick viewing of images without the chemicals associated with older traditional film images.

The advantages of digital x-ray Imaging are impressive. The X-ray image is captured in the digital format, and can be manipulated in a variety of ways to help enhance the reader’s diagnostic accuracy and reduce repeat x-rays which decreases patient exposure. Image enhancements include:

    • Magnifying the image
    • Cropping the image
    • Enhancing the contrast and density
    • Changing the alignment
    • Changing the focus
  • Measuring distances on the screen.

In addition, Digital X-ray images can be archived on a computer and easily retrieved. Images can also be burned onto CDs for patients, who can view them on their home computers.

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