New Patient Forms and Info

Here’s what you can expect with your first visit to Lakeway Health and Wellness Chiropractic!

    1. A new patient appointment will be scheduled with our office via Schedule New Patient Appointment or call 512.605.0400
    2. All new patients are requested to fill out the ONLINE new patient forms as completely as possible.
    3. A one-on-one consultation with the doctor will be performed to discuss health issues and goals, uncover past health history and damage, and to help determine what may be the cause of your problem(s).
    4. Once the doctor determines that you can be helped in our office, he will perform a comprehensive chiropractic examination to further help determine the exact cause of your problem. Necessary tests to be performed:
      (1) Palpation of the spine and musculature
      (2) Orthopedic/Range of Motion Tests
      (3) Digital Spinal X-rays
    5. If the doctor finds any damage in your spine directly related to the cause of your problem you will typically be treated on the first visit and then you will be asked to schedule one follow-up appointment to review your exam finding and discuss treatment plan options. At this visit, Dr. Ferrell or Dr. Benson will be discussing:
      (1) What is causing your problem?
      (2) How is it affecting your overall health and well-being?
      (3) What the initial treatment plan requires.
      (4) What’s the initial cost will be.
    6. Finally, due to the specific recommendations and conditions required to correct your problem, you will initiate care and start on your path toward reaching Optimal Health.

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating health and wellness from the INside Out.

At LHWC, we believe that every person on this planet has the ability (within them) to live an abundant, vibrant, and healthy life. God gave us an amazing ability to heal from any disease or sickness known to man, and that ability was placed inside of every single person. That healing power was placed in the master system – the nervous system. Because the nervous system controls every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies, we must maintain the health of our nervous system for a lifetime.